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Cube is a multi-user real-time strategy. The old name of this game was -=Space=-.

Basic information

The game can play from 2 to 8 people simultaneously. Each player has a main building the " The Lighthouse " as the very first cell. It creates energy for everything. "The Lighthouse is the most important cell if you lose it, the game is lost.

Also, there are generators scattered on the map. You can capture these buildings by crossing them with your cage.


Every cell has its meaning, "energy. The energy of an ordinary cell is replenished every "25 seconds". The energy of lighthouses and generators comes up every second.

The energy is used to open new cells and to battle/capture lighthouses and generators.

Gameplay process

  • Control is performed with the WASD or arrow keys. You can walk in any direction but the diagonals. You can also click anywhere on the map (the energy does not move);
  • You will need 1 unit of energy to capture a new cell, and the same unit + the energy of that cell will be needed to wrestle the cell;
  • Move the cursor to move the energy on the map;
  • The goal is to capture the lighthouses of all players on the map;
  • The whole map is hidden by the fog of war, each cell has visibility 1. That is, it opens up the fog for one cell around.


  • In the game Space, you can win money by using your skills. The player creating the game determines the level of the bet. The rest of the players to accept the challenge and join, must accept the bet - bet the same amount. The betting amount is deducted from the players' account at the moment the game starts.
  • After the end of the game, the bet is summed up and 90% of this amount is credited to the winner (10% - game commission).


  • Bet 20 CUBE. Play 5 players. The total amount of bets is 100 CUBE (20 x 5);
  • After the game 90 CUBE goes to the winner, and 10 CUBE - to the developers.

You can leave the game at any time by pressing the exit button in the upper right corner. In this case, the bet will be lost.

Registration and Functionality

  • Go to Telegram-bot gives each user a unique link to go to the game. We get to the main menu. Create a game or join the already created:
  • When the team is full, we go straight to the game:
  • Use the available energy to capture free locations, including enemy territory:
  • In this game, the author of the article wins. It's no big deal. The game can be repeated with a lot of people:
  • With different numbers of people, you have to come up with different tactics.

Promotions and tournaments

May 27, 2020, the development team announced the first tournament - Winners and prizes were:

  • 1st place - @kotlyarovsa_mntr - unique ship's skin in Time Loop game - TIMEPOLICE + 500 CUBE;
  • 2nd place - @timmmas - the unique skin of the ship in the game Time Loop - APRICOT + 250 CUBE;
  • 3rd place - @Gendropp - the unique skin of the ship in the game Time Loop - APRICOT + 150 CUBE;
  • 4th place - @julia019 - 100 CUBE;
  • 5th place - @kaunv - 75 CUBE; * 4th place - @julia019 - 100 CUBE;
  • 6 place - @Deadpool_q - 50 CUBE;
  • 7 Seat - @kosheba - 25 CUBE; *
  • 8 place - @Stasmen8 - 25 CUBE;
  • 9th place - @timelooprick - 25 CUBE;
  • 10th place - @rush_btc - 25 CUBE;
  • Audience Award - @Samurai_206 - 20 CUBE.

And already on May 30, 2020 developers of -=Space=- together with the Charity.CP Foundation announced a Contest for contributions.

  • From May 29 to 31, users who contributed to Charity.CP to support the development of projects had the chance to win valuable prizes. The first 10 places received bonus games for the game Space.


The project has its own game coin CUBE. It plays the role of a native coin - with its help all game awards and purchases are made. CUBE is a custom coin of Minter network.