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The 1% noded is the validator of the main Minter network from it's beginning(started on the 5th block).

Node also participated in the Minter test network:

  • Since November 2018, under the novtiMinter brand;
  • From February 2019, under the 1% brand

Public key validator 1%



Officially, the team consists of two people:


There are several dedicated physical servers (parameters higher than the recommended level for nodes)for the validator infrastructure, located in three data centers in different countries.

Multiple cloud servers for block skip tracking and fines prevention using their own operations and additionally Minter-guard from the validator team U-node.net

Participation in Minter projects

The team is part of the BIP Banker project and also cooperates with 4U:Team and provides information and technical support to validators Zen and Enlightenment Node.


The name of the validator, 1%, speaks for itself, and for all delegates without exception the commission is 1%.Always 1%. Only 1.


On August 2, 2019, the team issued their coin ONLY1

The coin is issued by the Validator team use as a reward, a prize, for use in internal services, and as the main coin of interaction in partner services.


Russian Chat at Telegram

Russian Channel at Telegram