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Android BIP Wallet is the official mobile wallet by Minter network Development team designed for the Android OS. Similarly to other products by the team, Android BIP Wallet is open-source [1].

How to create a wallet

A seed-phrase will be generated after the Android Wallet is installed. A seed-phrase is a set of 12 English words, issued once only when creating a wallet. It is impossible to change the seed-phrase or recover it from the application or in any other way.

You have to write down the exact sequence of words and keep it in a secure place so that nobody but you can get access to it!

Once the seed-phrase is generated and saved, press the "Launch the Wallet" button and your wallet is all set.

Wallet features

Android BIP Wallet has 4 tabs:

  • Coins
  • Send
  • Receive
  • Settings


On the Coins tab you can check:

  • Wallet balance in BIP;
  • Wallet balance of delegated coins in BIP;
  • Balance for each coin;
  • Transaction history

On this tab, you can also convert coins into any other coins (buy and sell).


To send coins to another wallet, choose the coin from the list, enter the wallet address to the corresponding field (starting with the Mx symbols), set the amount of coins transferred, optionally add a message to the receiver in the “Payload message” field (up to 1024 symbols) and press “Send” . The transaction is complete.

On this tab, you can also delegate coins to the Validator. To do this you need to enter Validator’s Public key instead of the wallet address (starting with the Mp symbols), set the desired amount of coins and press “Send”.

Public keys of all the Validators can be found in this list.


Use the “Receive” tab to check your wallet address and to receive coins. You can copy your wallet address or its QR code on this tab and, if needed, send this information to your contacts in Telegram, Skype or any other messenger installed on your phone.


On the “Settings” tab you can enable/disable the PIN-code and/or fingertip identification, change the PIN-code, check and copy the mnemonic seed-phrase, enable/disable the notifications of new transactions as well as the sound of notifications or exit the wallet.

Make sure to save the seed-phrase before exiting the wallet! Seed-phrase cannot be recovered.

Wallet limitations

  • Impossible to create and cash a check;
  • Impossible to [[How to set up auto-delegation|set up auto-delegation;
  • Impossible to launch your own node;
  • Impossible to create your own coin.

Those features are currently only available in the Console.


  1. [1] Minter source code on Github