Awesome Wallet

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Awesome Wallet is a service where each user can generate a beautiful wallet address in the Minter ecosystem.


The resource site is very simple and concise, there is nothing excessive (advertising including).

After clicking on the link, we get to a single office, all actions are performed here:

Wallet start.png

Using the generator is easy - in the active line, enter the parameter you want to see in your wallet (What characters would you like to have in your address?), select the point where the user wants to see this character set (Where would you like to have these characters?): at the end (In the end of the address) or in any part of the address (Anywhere (position doesn't matter)). We press the START button.

The system searches for a four-digit character set rather quickly (1-15 minutes):

Wallet 1111.png

Wallet eeee.png

9999 wallet.png

Let's take a closer look at the third variant with the given 9999:

  • System managed to find a suitable address for 3553 steps (up to 5 minutes);
  • Generated address - Mx8645225b28d283342b1d50ec15'9999adc1c2bc98 - 9999 are located "chaotically", because the parameter Anywhere (position doesn't matter) was set;
  • Seed-phrase - grit feed intact under praise screen neutral swift smoke brief system lock.

That's it, the wallet can be used.

But there are some significant issues with a longer set of numbers:

Wallet late1.png

Wallet late2.png

The author of the article waited for about an hour and a half, as a result, the generator failed to find the set of numbers that was set.


  • You can make multiple tabs and generate multiple addresses at once;
  • May run the generator on the site and turn off the Internet - it will still work;
  • May download code from Githab, turn off the internet and run the generator offline;
  • Only the user who ordered the address generation can access the Seed Phrase.

What was added in the last update

  • Improved validation (added a check for hex characters, added a message with the description of errors);
  • Modified the structure, changed some items in some places;
  • Added an audible alert if you found the right wallet;
  • It increased the generation speed;
  • Added illumination of the found value.


Developers plan to add more features for a generation: to make your wallet consist only of numbers or only of letters, add the ability to specify the format of the initial characters of the wallet.