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BIP is a basic coin of the mainnet Minter network. It is the BIP coin that is required to issue your own coin on the network, any other coins are exchanged through BIP, and it is in the BIP that all the other custom coins are measured.

Ticker (short name) of the native Minter network token "BIP" is the abbreviation for Blockchain Instant Payment.

1 BIP = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000.00 base units pip in Minter blockchain.

Using the BIP mark

Emogie / Sign, Coin Symbol is ⚪️.
Pure white circle as an image of a network base coin from which you can create any other coin filled with individual meaning.
This symbol was proposed by Minter team on June 29, 2019 in Telegram Chat

In the text it is used before the sum, necessarily through a space:

- Hi, catch ⚪️ 1000 for stickers!

Where emodias don't work, you can take a circle of unicode:

- I would give more than ○ 3 million for these apartments!⚫️

Basic coin of the test network

In the test network, the BIP function is performed by a coin MNT