Basic block reward

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Base block reward is part of block rewards received by Delegators for the formation and the signing of the blocks by the Validators. It is a constant component of the total reward from 1 to 43 702 611 blocks and it changes from 333 BIP to 68 BIP. The basic block reward is inextricably connected with the concept of BIP issue, as it is one of the main ways for a BIP native token to be issued in the Minter blockchain.


The Minter blockchain program code contains the following constant parameters (constants):

const lastBlock = 43702611
const firstReward = 333
const lastReward = 68

How BIP emission decreases

For block No. 1, the base reward was 333 BIP. Every 200,000 'block, the basic reward is reduced by 1 BIP until block No. 43 702 611 is signed, where the reward is only 68 BIP. For all blocks after 43 702 612, the reward will consist only of the transaction fees.

Approximately the basic rewards will be charged within 7 years after the launch of the mainnet.

You can find out the current value of the base reward in the official Explorer Minter