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BipGame is a decentralized gaming platform on Minter blockchain.The goal of the project is to provide players with access to online games that will allow them not only to play but also to earn a native game coin CHIP.

The goal of this project is to provide players with access to online games that will allow them not only to play but also to earn a native game coin CHIP.


According to the developer's words, the team has many years of experience in creating various projects and use to work under pressure. That's why they decided to create something unusual, for example, "universal playground on the blockchain", which has no analogs on the Internet.

At the time of the idea's inception (May 2019), the team analyzed the working projects on almost all major blockchains and found no similar scheme. This further spurred them to create a full-fledged gaming platform exactly on Minter's blockchain.


The BipGame platform offers users extensive functionality with a simple and user-friendly interface.


Click "Register" (it is recommended to use a separate Minter network wallet to keep it anonymous). We enter the address of own purse, we think up a reliable password:

Снимок экрана 2019-12-21 в 18.32.23.png

Then you need to confirm the purse address by sending from it to the Bipgame account of any transaction, you can even "zero" (for the amount of 0 coins), with the application of a message that the system will specify the user.

It is necessary to send a transfer from the wallet, which was specified in the registration:. Снимок экрана 2019-12-21 в 18.35.44.png

  • Go to the console (or mobile version of the wallet), enter any number of CHIP, BIP or other custom coins (all sent coins are automatically converted to CHIP at the current rate and credited to your account):

Снимок экрана 2019-12-21 в 18.39.34.png

  • After a few seconds, we press "check transaction."

Снимок экрана 2019-12-21 в 18.40.48.png


To authorize on the site, you need to select the menu item "login through your wallet" and enter your wallet address and password (specified by the user at registration).

Password change

If a user has forgotten his password or wants to change it, all he has to do is "go through the registration process again". In this case, only the change of password will happen, and the current game balance will remain in place. To change the password, the user OBLIGATORY must have access to his own Minter wallet.

Fill the balance and output CHIP

To balance up, click on "top-up" or just send the desired amount of CHIP to your wallet MX{purse_address} and it will be automatically credited to the game balance. To output CHIP from the balance to Minter's purse you need to go to the "Dividend accrual" section and press "CHIP Output". Withdrawal is performed instantly.


At the moment there are 3 games on the platform;

  • Galaxy is a multiplayer online strategy game in space style.
  • Battleship at Sea is an online game for two opponents. You must place your own ships and try to destroy the enemy fleet.
  • Duel - an online game for two opponents.

Referral program and game board

  • A referral bonus of 50 Points is awarded to the referral once immediately after he makes his first game. The number of friends that each user can invite is not limited, although the project reserves the right to change the rules of the referral program at any time;
  • Any referral must be registered using a referral link or QR code;
  • BipGame necessarily checks multi-accounts and will not pay referral bonuses on these users. Such actions will lead to blocking and freezing of funds with a possible ban on the game account.

At the moment, the maximum level of the player - 32. It is achieved automatically at a certain number of points, and the points are calculated dynamically and can both rise and fall depending on the fulfillment or failure to fulfill certain conditions. Each level has its own percentage of the game commission. The more points - the higher the level of the player and the lower the game commission is deducted.


  • Every user can earn CHIP coins without even playing. All you have to do is to keep a CHIP coin on the game balance and get dividends every hour;
  • The platform has a unique system of registration and authorization of users, which does not force users to create a purse inside the platform and does not require a private key;
  • Full anonymity. During registration the project does not demand personal data of the user, even more - even phone or e-mail is not necessary. All registration takes only a couple of minutes.


The BipGame project team has 7 full-time staff and 3 other developers are working part-time.


CHIP is a game coin of Project "BipGame". All calculations on the platform are done with this coin only.