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Bip Fast is the Telegram bot, which monitors the rates of the Minter network's coins, instantly informs users about important large transactions and shows the changes in the current rates online.

The project's native coin is VALIDATOR.

The design of the Bip Fast bot is as clear as possible for the user.


With the help of the Bip Fast Bot there is a great opportunity to form your own portfolio of the Minter network coins and receive notifications on the selected specific coins on a permanent basis.

The bot functionality can be divided into several points:


  • The creator's wallet of each new coin is analyzed fully automatically;
  • Bot makes data selection of any wallets on a specific command.

Coin graphs

Useful features:

  • 4 different modes of coin price monitoring;
  • Full chart of the exchange rate for 24\7
  • Quickly set up tracking of coins in any purse, your own portfolio or all coins of the Minter network;
  • Convenient analytics by the name of each coin: green - growth, red - fall;
  • Temporal fixation of the moment of chart making;
  • Maximum and minimum price indicators;


  • Instant notification of price changes of more than 1%;
  • When creating a new coin, details about the coin and the creator's wallet;
  • Quick information about all large transactions.

Cost of use

Using the bot Bip Fast is not free. The daily cost is 1 BIP directly at the rate of the VALIDATOR coin. The project accepts payment only with VALIDATOR.


Bot commands

  • /cut - setting the minimum amount of trades;
  • /bal - view and manage your own balance;
  • /pic - view charts of the coin rates of your own purse for the last day;
  • /all - disabling the function of monitoring all coins of the network;
  • /new - disable notifications about the creation of new coins and disable analysis of coin creators' wallets;
  • /my - disables viewing your own wallet;
  • /spy - disables viewing of favorite coins;
  • /status - view the current settings;
  • /help - displays all the hints.