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CITEX is Korea's first digital asset exchange listed to trade the cryptocurrency BIP.


Registration on this trading platform is the most usual, we can say a standard one:

  • Click on the link;
  • Click on the "Sign UP" button in the upper right corner - a registration window pops up where we enter all the necessary data. The author of the article enters his real: the country of residence in Ukraine, the e-mail address (preferably Gmail), invent a password and confirm it, read the rules, put a check that agrees with everything set forth, if you came to the stock exchange yourself, the line with the invitation leave blank, click Sign Up.
Reg citex.png

  • Now we go to the e-mail, which was indicated at registration, enter the letter from the exchange and click activate.

Everything, the system automatically throws to a personal account ("Account Management"), where each user can set individual settings, if necessary, to complete the procedure (KYC-verification) and add additional security measures ("two-factor authentication").


CITEX trading platform has almost all the necessary tools for active trading and other services that should be present on modern centralized exchanges.

Referral system

Invite citex.png

In the upper right corner, we can see the pop-up item My Invitation: Click and see your referral link, with which you can invite your friends and acquaintances to the exchange:

Invite2 citex.png

What does the referral system do? Every transaction of referral gives a commission to a referral. More details about all conditions can be read here.


There's a Staking section in the upper left corner:

Torg citex.png

  • PoS Staking is a common practice on many modern centralized exchanges. The essence is that each user can invest (freeze) a certain amount of coins or tokens on the trading floor according to tariff plans. This is PoS-mining in the real sense of the word, and deposit cryptocurrency like bank deposits.
  • Masternode Hosting is the same PoS Staking, only for a longer period and with a larger initial deposit.

Trading platform

The main attraction of each exchange is the "Exchange" tab.

The CITEX exchange's trading platform itself does not have any peculiarities.

On the left side, we can choose a trading pair using the manual search, or prescribe in the search bar the appropriate ticker, such as BIP.

We see 2 pairs: BIP/USDT and BIP/BTC. Choose, for example, BIP/BTC.

In the middle we see the chart, here we can choose a convenient time option - from 1 minute to 1 week.


Above the chart, we can see the daily trading volume. For example, in this pair, it is 203 193.543 BIP


On the right side are glasses with buying and sell orders, as well as shows the transactions that have already taken place.

Native token

CITEX Token (CTT) is a native CITEX token based on the ERC-20 protocol. The total issue of CTT is 750 million tokens. According to the developers, the scope of CTT is very wide, with the help of token it is possible to accelerate deflation of CTT, provide a constantly growing price and of course save on commissions.


At the moment, you can trade BIP coins in two pairs: