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The CONVERTER coin was created on August 24, 2019 on the block 1723061 by project

Coin Characteristics

  • Title: CONVERTER;
  • Ticker: CONVERTER.
  • Initial issue: 1,000,000 CONVERTER;
  • Start price: 0.003500 BIP;
  • Beginning reserve: 1,400 BIP;
  • CRR: 40%;
  • Creator: CONVERTER.ONE.

Coin assignment

Directions for using the coin by project are:

  • Rewards in contests;
  • Payments for transactions within the project;
  • Payments for the project infrastructure,
  • Bonuses for those who find errors in related services.

Coin properties

The creator of the CONVERTER coin is the project The coin is created as a liquid payment instrument of the ecosystem and related services.

Delegating CONVERTER, it is necessary to understand, that the coin is provided BIP only on 40 % and this fact gives the minimum dependence on a BIP rate, naturally CONVERTER has on an order of the better chance on considerable growth if to compare it with coins which have higher CRR.

But, when CONVERTER is delegated, each user receives only 40% of the rewards for delegated coins, the example:

By delegating 1000 CONVERTER, a person will only get from the amount of 400 coins per day, which is about 0.4% (at the time of writing) of the total CONVERTER amount in delegation per day, excluding the Validator commission.

If CONVERTER price will increase, the amount of rewards from delegation to BIP equivalent and dollar will also increase.