Coinfeed (service)

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Coinfeed is a monitoring service about creating Custom coins and deleting of the existing one.

Information about created and deleted coins appears in Telegram channel in real time.

Project author is Andrey Gorbunov

Message about coin creation

The coin creation message contains the following information:

  • The name (ticker) of the coin;
  • Creator - the address of the purse in which the coin was created, indicating address rank;
  • CRR coins;
  • Current coin reserve in BIP;
  • The volume of issued coins;
  • BIP price at the time of issue;
  • The number of the block in which the coin was created.

This may also contain a message from the coin creator.

Since June 27, 2019, messages now also indicate the verification status on Minterscan. The verified wallet in the message is followed by a tick on a green background.

Message about deleting a coin

The message about coin deletion has only the name (ticker) and the number of the block in which it was deleted.

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