Community 2020 Network

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Community 2020 Network is the Minter network validator. It was launched on January 25, 2020 and became the active network validator on February 15, 2020, after unlocking the next 4 slots.

Community 2020 Network validator public key:



The Community 2020 Network is, first of all, a Community of Private Investors, created for communication, exchange of experience and common investment on the Internet. The main objective of the "Community" is to explore and apply new technologies on the Internet and to generate the actual income - both passive and active for all participants. Watching a huge number of negative from the benches in the projects, the project representatives decided that participation in such projects is unprofitable and has extremely high risks. Thus, the Community 2020 Network decided to protect itself and focused on the Minter project.


From February 15 to February 22 inclusive, Community 2020 Network launches Cacheback of Trust action:

  • Each partner who invested $500 gets CASHBACK at the rate of 5%;
  • Partners who have invested $1000 will receive a 10% refund.