Creating a coin

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Each user of the Minter network can create a personal coin.

You can create a custom coin only in Console on the Coiner tab.


To create a coin you must enter the following parameters:

  • Title (name of the coin);
  • Ticker (a unique coin symbol that consists of Latin upper case letters and numbers);
  • Initial amount (estimated);
  • Initial BIP reserve (estimated);
  • CRR (Constant Reserve Ratio);
  • Message (note, as example it can be field to indicate the purpose of creating a coin).

In the Console, on the "Create Coins" tab, there is a link to Minter Calculator where you can calculate the parameters of the coin.

It is necessary to have a sufficient amount of BIP on the balance to create the initial reserve of the coin and pay a commission for issuing the coin (depends on the number of symbols in the Ticker).