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Crumbs is any token whose balance in the User's wallet is so small that it cannot be used.

The appearance of "crumbs"

Appear in the following cases:

  1. The Console displays a list of coins with two decimal places, but the coins have 8 decimal places, that's why 6 decimal places are closed. Therefore, when sending the coin, the user enters only the visible part of the coin value. After the transaction, the remaining is hanged on the balance.
  2. The user has purchased coins to use the service but has not fully used up the amount. The balance may be so small that it becomes a "crumb".
  3. The user has received a very small sum of money to his address. This can be the distribution of small bonuses, Airdrop, rewards and so on. The difference from the spam token is that the User himself approved the receipt of such coins - participated in promotions (distributions).
  4. Spam tokens are accumulated. In the Minter network it is possible to do dispatches of spam tokens. For this purpose, the token with a very small starting cost is created and mass dispatched to addresses with the attached message (advertising). This token itself does not have value (it is not profitable to exchange it).

Possible problems from "crumbs"

In due course on a balance of any wallet may be a considerable quantity of "crumbs" that will lead to the inconvenience of use. The wallet will store a huge "sheet" - a list of tokens, which you will need to browse in search of the right ticker. In the Minter network, the mechanism of "burning" out unnecessary coins is not provided. There are several ways to clear your address from "crumbs":

  1. Convert "crumb" to any other Minter network token. The transaction fee is 0.1 BIP. The amount of conversion will be much less than the commission. This method can be used to get rid of a small number of "crumbs", but it is not profitable. If there are too many crumbs, the commission costs can be significant.
  2. Create a separate wallet, let's conditionally call it "trash basket", and send all the crumbs there. The commission for the transaction will be 0.01 BIP. "Crumbs" will stay there forever, as it is impossible and inexpedient to use them anymore. They won't do any benefit in that case.
  3. Use the Minter's Crumbs service. The costs of sending tokens will be the same as in the previous case, but you will understand that these "crumbs" can bring some benefit to the Minter network.

The current situation with "crumbs"

At the October 2019 the problem is not acute in the Minter network

  • Mainnet works for some months only.
  • The number of users on the Minter network is still low.
  • Nowadays, most of the users are "geek`s", who are quite familiar with the mechanism of circulation of coins and know how to use all the features of the wallet.
  • The number of services on the network is still very small, and some services do not have their own coins.
  • The number of coins issued is also small, and most of them are designed to bypass the unbound, or just for experimentation.
  • Spam mailing is still rare.

But it is quite expected that a change of the conditions described above, specifically - after attraction of the mass users who is not ready to understand all nuances of use of coins and wants only to use tokens as a payment means, this problem will arise rather sharply.

Perhaps the developers will make some changes to avoid the accumulation of "crumbs". For example, it will be a separate folder in a purse for "crumbs", such as a folder "Spam" in e-mail boxes. The mechanism of "burning the token" by sending it to some "zero address" can be created. There can be a lot of options.