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DeCenter is the largest blockchain and cryptocurrency community not only in Russia, but also in the entire CIS region. It is made up of more than 100,000 experts, developers, investors and the most common crypto enthusiasts. The founder is Gordeev Evgeny, a Russian venture capitalist, Bitcoin-evangelist and Minter project developer.


The history of the DeCenter project began in January 2016 with the launch of the Telegram information channel. In the first months of its operation, the channel worked as a personal resource for Evgeny Gordeev, but later he decided to go deeper into blockchain and cryptocurrency issues and began sharing his observations in this area.

In May 2016, other crypto-enthusiasts started adding news and reviews to the resource. Then Olga Neroda became the editor-in-chief of DeCenter and the resource shone with new colors. Already in November the website and a small edition appeared, which began to create relevant news and reviews on its own. At the same time, Telegram channels in English and Chinese were launched, and the site itself became available in 3 languages.

Work direction

We can speak briefly about the "DeCenter" project - "cryptocurrencies into masses". Team members want to cover everything: changes in major currency rates, important posts on Twitter and other social networks from whales, information about fraud, and much more. They also include a variety of reviews and training materials for newcomers.


Only a few authors work on a regular basis, most of the employees are remote: there are several translators into English and Chinese, illustrators (most of the materials have individual branded illustrations), proofreader, content marketer.

Further plans

  • Add more elaborate materials with interesting layout;
  • Add new products and services;
  • Find new promising journalists, SMM-manager, Youtube-manager;
  • Change the main page of the site. There are supposed to be separate blocks with online information, so it will be like a Twitter-feed.