Delegation profitability calculator

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Any Custom coin of the Minter network with CRR of not equal to 100% when delegated to the validator has a value different from the market one.

For more details see the article Delegation rewards.

It is difficult to perform the necessary calculations manually, that's why different projects offer their own services for calculating delegation rewards in custom coins. Let's consider the most famous of them.

Minterscan calculator

Available at Minterscan Rewards Calculator. After clicking on the link, the following window opens:

Снимок экрана 2019-09-23 в 11.43.32.png

3 tabs must be filled on for the calculation:

  • Number of coins
  • Select a coin (default is BIP)
  • Specify the percentage of the validator's commission

After you fill it in the lower tab you will see calculated rewards in the different time periods counted in BIP and US dollars. A link with the created calculation is available for share with other users.

StakeHolder's calculator

Available at Rewards calculator from StakeHolder. Then in the side menu select "Revenue Calculator" and the following window opens:

StakeHolder Revenue Calculator.png

2 fields must be filled in for the calculation:

  • Select a coin (BIP is the default)
  • Coins amount

After that, the reward for the day calculated in BIP, BTC and US dollars will be displayed on the right.

Inaccuracy Estimations of a Calculator

Please note that such calculators can only calculate a reward based on the current or historical values of the Minter network:

  • The amount of rewards depends on the number of coins delegated by all Minter network members. It is impossible to predict how many coins will be delegated each day. Constant redelegation reduces the actual amount of the award compared to the ideal result.
  • The amount of rewards depends on the commissions paid by all Minter network members. Every transaction, every message in the transaction, every coin issue – all this requires a commission. It is impossible to predict how many transactions will be sent each day. The commission on transactions increases the actual amount of the reward compared to the ideal result.
  • The amount of the award depends on the current value of the custom coin and how much of the issue is deposited
  • In addition to the direct calculation of the reward, many Validators use various loyalty programs in the form of cashback, which cannot be taken into the calculator prediction.

Therefore, the actual size of the rewards may differ in a higher or lower direction.