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E100CARD - a service in the ecosystem Minter for the issuance and maintenance of fuel cards E100. The project uses its own custom coin E100CARD to replenish the card. After replenishing the card, funds are transferred to fiat money (Russian ruble) and can be displayed in liters of the selected fuel.

List of services available on the map

Using the E100 card, you can pay for the following goods and services:

  • Payment for fuel at gas stations
    • Petrol
    • Diesel fuel
    • Gas
    • Other fuels (kerosene, heating oil, etc.)
  • Payment of toll roads
  • Parking
  • Washing
  • Car service
  • Convoy
  • Ferry
  • Railway platform
  • Automotive shop
  • Cafe

The project card is valid at 14,000 gas stations in 32 countries, including 5,000 gas stations in the Russian Federation. To view the network, you can use the card at: E100 card acceptance points

E100CARD map.jpg

Terms of use of the E100CARD service

The full document is available at: RULES FOR USE OF E100CARD SERVICE . See the main points below.

Custom coins of the E100CARD project are described as Service promotion points.

  1. Any competent person who has reached the age of 18 at the time of issue of the E100 card can become a participant in the Program
  2. In order to become a Member of the Program, you have to provide an application for an E100 card and personal data necessary for issuing an E100 card in a specialized telegram chat card order
  3. The operator confirms the acceptance of the order and arranges for the issue of the E100 card to the Participant
  4. E100CARD points are provided to the Member in promotions of the E100CARD Service in the Minter network. E100CARD points can be purchased independently by the Member by exchanging other values ​​or points of other Minter network services. Points are provided by the Participant to the Operator for accounting on the Participant's E100 card account in the form of the amount of cash in the the Russian Federation's ruble.
  5. E100CARD points can be used by the Member from the moment the E100CARD points in rubles are taken into account on the Member’s account for the entire duration of the E100 card.
  6. Return of goods and services purchased by the Participant on the E100 card is not provided.
  7. Service E100CARD reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the Program.

Procedure for using the E100CARD service

Order E100 card

To use our service, you have to draw up a card first. You can do this by sending an application to the manager in Telegram with the following information:

  • Surname, First name, Patronymic of the recipient
  • Phone number
  • Your Minter wallet address
  • Receipt (home) address

Your card will be sent by the transport company (SDEK, Business Lines, etc.) and usually the delivery time is 2-3 business days.

Then you get access to your personal account Mobile Application, where all the necessary information is displayed.

After receiving the card, you can pay for fuel and make full use of our service.

Card replenishment

The service operator displays the current rate of the E100CARD coin against the ruble in the Chat E100CARD and Official channel E100CARD

E100CARD coin rate is 1.6 RUB. You could get better rate such as 1.73 RUB per E100CARD coin when replenish your card with more then 5000 E100CARD coins until 23-50 14.09.2019.
E100CARD rate.jpg

It is necessary for replenish your card to transfer E100CARD coin to the Mxf454ba88339af3a144d81c5c23c8c2510913ba7e wallet from your verified address (indicated when receiving the E100 card).

The operator manually recalculates the received amount in rubles at the current rate and credits it to the card balance. There may be delays of up to several hours (especially at night Moscow time and on weekends and holidays), so it is necessary to credit funds in advance.

In the future, it is planned to transfer everything to automatic mode.

Payment at points of card acceptance

After choosing a gas station or other card collection point, it is necessary to present the card to the cashier/operator. At some gas stations a separate terminal is used to pay by card. The card has a magnetic tape, so it must be carried out through the terminal (there is no NFS chip) and then enter the PIN code (issued with other personal data when issuing the card).

After the operation is completed, a cash receipt is issued which indicates all the details of the operation (type of fuel, its amount and value in fiat money).

Mobile app

Please use our Mobile Application for the Android OS.

Station map shows tabs "Fuel", "Brand" and "Service" as like as locations of the fuel stations in selected area. 
E100CARD App.jpg

The Appendix displays all the information on the map:

  • Card number, Nearest gas station, Available liters
  • Hotline operator contacts
  • Station map
  • Settings (fuel selection which displays the remaining available liters)

Bonus system

The project offers various bonus programs.

  1. Free card delivery with a one-time recharge card for 2000 E100CARD [1]
  1. Delegate the E100CARD to Monster_Node_2.0 and besides the rewards in BIP you will receive 5% CashBack (half of the commission of the node) in the E100CARD coin, and then change them to fuel [2]