E100CARD (coin)

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E100CARD - Coin for crediting the fuel card in project E100CARD.

Coin specifications

  • Name: E100CARD
  • Ticker: E100CARD
  • Initial amount: 100 000 E100CARD
  • Start price: 0,1587
  • Initial reserve: 11 111 BIP
  • CRR: 70%
  • Message: E100CARD – это не только топливная карта, но и надежный, эффективный сервис для экономии финансов и времени. (E100CARD is not only a fuel card but also a reliable, efficient service to save money and time.) https://t.me/e100cardminter.
  • Founder: Mx74fe70725666e2fa0fc7babb78486bd57328eeb8
  • Main Project name: E100CARD

Coin purpose

With the help of this coin you can replenish your E100 fuel card with which you can then buy fuel at the filling station, pay for parking and toll road sections, parking, washing, ferry and much more. There is an own mobile application. When you delegate E100CARD to Monster_Node_2.0, in addition to the BIP revards, you will receive a CashBack 5% (half of the node commission) in the E100CARD coin.

Development team

Team consists of several people