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ENLIGHTEN - Validator Enlightenment Node's coin was created on June 11, 2019.

Coin specifications

  • Name: Enlightenment
  • Ticker: ENLIGHTEN
  • Initial amount: 5 ENLIGHTEN
  • Start price: 10 000
  • Initial reserve: 50 000 BIP
  • CRR: 70%
  • Message: Enlightenment project. http://enlightenment.group
  • Founder: Mx5dc958ba3befe541dbfe91e0d0973f5cee73d06a
  • Main Project name: Enlightenment Node

Coin purpose

The coin plays the role of shares that can be freely bought and sold, similar to what usually happens on the stock exchange.

ENLIGHTEN is an investment token with the potential to become a good opportunity to receive passive income along with delegation. In contrast to delegation, the income of token holders will only increase with the growth of project income.

All coin holders in the amount of 0.1 ENLIGHTEN will receive daily profit. Starting from 01/08/2019 at 00:00 UTC, 5% of the Corporation’s Revenue (revenue) is paid in proportion to the stake. We decided not to consider income and expenses before payments, but correction factors will be used if payments exceed the share of profit allocated for dividends. The percentage of payments can be reduced or increased for a given period of time after the balance of income and expenses.

At the moment, the bot, which will calculate dividends and transfer funds to the purses of coin holders, is being finalized.

Development team

Enlightenment Group is a virtual corporation built on the model of classic joint-stock companies. Positioned as a small holding company developing and launching projects in the Minter ecosystem.