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Enlightenment Node is the validator of the main Minter network, launched on July 15, 2019. Today, the Enlightenment Node Validator is the 24th largest total stake in the Minter network.

The commission of the Enlightenment Node validator is 7%.

Public key of the Enlightenment Node validator:


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Enlightenment Group, which includes the Enlightenment Node, a virtual corporation built on the model of classic joint-stock companies. We position ourselves as a smallholding company that develops and launches projects in the Minter IoM ecosystem.


2 servers, one of which uses a validator security system 1%. An important feature of the system is the presence of instantaneous information to the administrators of the node about the passage and as a consequence rapid response to the incident.

Loyalty program

The Corporation aggregates all revenues from its subsidiaries and pays dividends to shareholders. Dividends are paid on exactly 50% of the income. One share is considered to be 0.1 ENLIGHTEN and it is the minimum amount that an investor needs to become a holder in order to receive dividends. We also have an incentive program for shareholders who prefer not to delegate their coins. If a shareholder owns more than 0.1 ENLIGHTEN, i.e. the condition for receiving dividends is met, the number of shares is multiplied by the ratio of 1.7 when calculating the share of profits. This allows the coin to be even more liquid and get more rewards out of delegation, as it increases its profitability.

Super-prize contest

From July 15 to August 15, 2019 contest with super prizes from Enlightenment Node!


  • 1st place - Travel to Singapore for 5 days (+ air tickets)
  • 2nd place - Samsung Galaxy S8
  • 3rd place - Tissot Clock
  • 4th to 10th places - cash amount from 1000 to 2500 BIP
  • 11th to 42nd places, 100 BIP

Conditions of participation: Delegate any amount in any coin to the node during the whole period of the contest! The prizes are distributed according to the size of the final delegate's stake. The size of the stakes is fixed on a randomly selected day and time between 12.08 and 15.08. For those who delegate 10% of the prize money to CRR, the withdrawal limit is 3 months.


The ENLIGHTEN token was issued by us is a stock that can be freely bought and sold, just as it is usually done on a stock exchange. ENLIGHTEN is an investment token with the potential to become, along with the delegation, a good opportunity to generate passive income. In contrast to the delegation, the income of token holders will only increase with the growth of project income.


Projects of the Enlightenment Group: