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Explorer Minterscan is a project that allows you to get detailed up-to-date information about the state and operation of the Minter blockchain.


The Explorer Minterscan displays both general and detailed information on the operation of the Minter blockchain, as well as additional options.

General information:

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  • uptime per day - % of blocks signed by validators,
  • last block - number of the last created block,
  • emission - the number of BIP issued since the launch of the main Minter network,
  • Transactions - the number of transactions conducted per day,
  • BIP price - the price of 1 BIP in $ (according to MBank) and the cost in $ of the entire issue of BIP,
  • validators - the number of valid validators and the number of candidates for validators,
  • average commission per day - the average commission for all validators for the last day,
  • coins - the total number of custom coins created and their price in BIP.

Detailed information:

The Blocks section displays detailed information about all the blocks made in the Minter blockchain: block numbers, their age, number of transactions completed per block, working hours and block size, as well as the amount of rewards to delegates for each block.

A list of all conducted transactions and information on them is in the Transactions section. There you can find the type of transaction (purchase / sale, delegation), the blocks in which it was completed, how much time has passed since the transaction, the sender and addressee, the amount of coins, the commission for the operation.

The wallet address displays full information about it: balance in BIP, delegated amount in BIP, coin value in $, availability of Karma, custom coins, as well as all transactions made from the wallet.

Validators rating

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In Explorer Minterscan, a rating of validators is implemented, based not on the size of the stake, but on the voting of delegates. In this rating, the best positions are held by validators who have established good communication with their delegates and received the highest marks from them. According to the Minterscan team, this is the most fair rating, including in relation to newcomer validators, inferior to older colleagues in terms of stake size.

User Verification

Верификация Minterscan.png

In Explorer Minterscan there is an opportunity to fill out a wallet profile, which includes such data as the name of the project or the name of the owner, a link to an icon or photo, a link to the project website or profile in social networks. It is also possible to add a brief description of the project or additional information about the owner. After filling out the profile, it is assigned a green badge, which indicates that the information has been verified and the wallet belongs to the one indicated in the profile.

This feature is available to both projects and general users.

User verification is designed to protect Minter blockchain participants from fraudulent activity.

Paying for Explorer Minterscan services

Explorer Minterscan and its main services are completely free. Only additional options are paid, namely voting in the rating of validators and the ability to fill out a user profile. Payment is made in MSCAN coins.

Additional services

The team Explorer Minterscan develops the project, filling it with new functions and capabilities, opening up new areas of activity.

  • Coin calculator allows you to quickly determine the value of custom coins in BIP and $, as well as the reward from their delegation.
  • Minter Multisend service is a convenient application for sending open source Multisend transactions. It passed the test of the Frontend developer of the Minter team Nikita Eiburg: no vulnerabilities were found for the leak of the seed phrase or private key.
  • MSCAN coin was created to reward contest winners, users who found errors on Minterscan and related services, as well as to pay for Minterscan project services and project infrastructure.
  • Validator Zen was created with the support of the Minter team and the 1% validator team, it offers all delegators a 3% commission service as well as bonuses for delegating the MSCAN coin.
  • The contest review page Minter 5 contains basic information about the contest and its participants.
  • The project page 10 BIP allows you to track changes in the experimental portfolio, in which custom coins for 10 BIP are purchased and delegated every day.
  • On the Seals page there are all available Minter seals, as well as instructions for purchasing them.


The project Explorer Minterscan is being developed by Minterscan team, led by the founder of the project Sergey Saliy.

In the early stages, the Explorer Minterscan project received support from the Minter team:

Without the Minter command, Minterscan would not have appeared at all. If only because Minterscan is an alternative version of the official explorer, there wouldn’t be it - we would have nothing to improve. I really appreciate the fact that despite the competitive component, the team still believed in us and supported us. Morally - with answers to all questions on the API, and materially - with a development grant.
Sergey Saliy, interview for DeCenter channel, 07/05/2019.

History of creation

The Explorer Minterscan project was launched on May 28, 2019. The team then included 2 people.

I studied Minter for a while and then, having played enough with the console and explorer, I decided that I could do everything my own way. He sat down at the code and for several days did not detach from the laptop. Judging by the user reviews, the first version turned out to be quite good.
Sergey Saliy, interview for DeCenter channel, 07/05/2019.

After launching the first version of Explorer Minterscan, Sergey decided to devote himself completely to the project and left his main job at that time. Since then, 6 more people have joined it, and Minterscan project itself began to develop actively: its own MSCAN coin was issued, the validator Zen was launched, Minter Wiki was start and information platforms for projects Minter 5, 10 BIP and MinterCat were developed.