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The GEMS coin was created on 3 June 2019 on the block 321910.

The initial reserve to create the coin was received from the Minter developers' wallet.

Applying the coin

The first Minter project using the GEMS coin was Oracle Gems. This project proposes to create a forecast for an event, and pay for your prediction in GEMS. After the event happens, all coins are summed up and proportionally divided between those who made the correct one.


Previously, it was assumed that the coin was related to the development of the AR/VR game based on hyperlens the camera platform.

Video was published on official channel Minter.

The creator of GEMS has not confirmed and has not refuted this assumption. It is known that Hyperlens is planning to use GEM token.

Coin Features

  • Ticker:GEMS
  • Title: 💎
  • Emission: 1,000,000 GEMS
  • Reserve: 1,000,000 BIP
  • CRR: 70%
  • Initial price: 1.4286 BIP

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