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HOPPER.MONEY is a Minter platform-based project that allows you to pay for any real goods and services on any website using cryptocurrency.

The project has its own Coin CASH with CRR 90% and HOPPER with CRR 70%. Project is verified by Minterscan.

To purchase any real product or service, the user is authorized at website and fills in the purchase order, after which the selected product or service is paid in the seller's currency. Thus, HOPPER.MONEY is the gateway between cryptocurrency of the Minter platform and real online stores and services.

In the first phase of the project, the work is done through the HOPPER operator, who administers the purchase orders and pays for the orders. Further, this part of the work will be automated.

CASH service


Buy real goods and services for the Minter Crypto.Like VISA. Only the crypt.

At Mintercash you can buy a variety of products and services. You need to register to make purchases. To register, you need to have an account in Telegram messenger.

Курсы валют.jpg

The site also provides currency rates BIP, CASH, HOPPER and USD at present.