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HOTEL is a coin to pay for hotel reservations worldwide. It was created in the Minter network on July 24, 2019 on the block 1200496.

Coin specifications

  • Title: HOTELCoin
  • Ticker: HOTEL
  • Initial Emission: 100,000 HOTEL
  • Initial price: 1 BIP
  • Initial reserve: 70,000 BIP
  • Current Reserve: 979 444 BIP
  • CRR: 70%

Coin purpose

With HOTEL you can:

  • Book a room in more than 100,000 hotels and apartments around the world at a price up to 30% higher than any other online offer;
  • Pay for transfers from almost any airport to the hotel and back, or from any location specified by the customer;
  • Purchase tickets for virtually any cultural or sporting event, including VIP boxes (music concerts, football, hockey, Olympic Games).

Coin Creator

The creator of HOTEL coin is the Hotel project.