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How to choose a Validator is not an easy question to answer for any novice in the Minter network. In order to get maximum profit from delegation it is necessary to consider many factors and parameters: the validator's commission; reliability of node operation; bonuses and campaigns during the delegation; minimum entry stake etc.

To become one of the networks delegators, three things are needed — get BIP coins, choose the validator correctly and delegate your coins to him.

Importance of choosing a validator

Basic block reward is the same for all Validators and it depends only on the network’s global parameters.

However, each Validator offers different conditions for the Delegators. Therefore, carefully studying conditions can help the Delegator receive additional benefits, such as zero or reduced commission of the Validator; permanent or one-time cashback; participation in lotteries and so on.

Conversely, poor-quality operation of the node can lead to fines for errors in the form of missing blocks, inaccessibility of the node and double signature. That, in turn, will lead to the loss of funds: burning the part of the delegated funds or the forced withdrawal of the funds from the Delegation.

( for more details see the article 'Is it possible to lose delegated funds' )

Therefore, the most competent strategy is to choose several high-quality nodes with suitable delegation conditions and distribute your stake between them.

List of validators

The list of validators can be found on one of the following resources:

Minter Store Overview
Interchain Zone
Monster Node

It is recommended familiarize yourself with the validator’s website as well as his Telegram channel and chat. Use the search in official Minter group to check information about the validator.

Validator selection criteria

When choosing a validator, the following criteria should be considered:

  • 'Reliability'

Reliability indicator — age of the node and the number of warnings and fines previously imposed by the system on the validator;

  • 'Validator Strength'

This is the ratio of the validator stake to all delegated Minter network stakes. If the strength of the validator is close to 33%, there is a risk of blocking the entire network with such master node, that's why delegating additional stakes to it is highly not recommended;

  • 'Minimum stake'

If the size of your stake is less than minimum or close to minimum validator stake, you need to select another node for delegation. The minimum stake is not set by anyone. Each validator has 1000 slots for stakes, the smallest of them is the minimum. When there is a person who wants to delegate a large amount with all the validator stakes already occupied, new stake automatically extrude out the minimum one and the departed delegator funds immediately return on his wallet;

  • 'Commission size'

Please note that some validators have lower commission than indicated on rating sites, as they return part of the commission to delegates. This can be found on the official sites of validators or their Telegram channels.

  • It is also recommended to pay attention to the 'node rating' at Minterscan.

Rating — popularity indicator of the validator, shows the attitude towards it from his delegates. You can raise the rating only for your validator, to whom the participant delegated some kind of stake.