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Creating a new page for Minter Wiki is an important task for any Minter network project. At the same time, the absence of the “create page” button is not accidental and this fact reflects the philosophy of the Minter Wiki free encyclopedia.

The Minter Wiki helps new members of the network get up-to-date information on the Minter ecosystem in an accessible form, paying particular attention to what information the user is looking for, as well as the relationship of projects with each other.

Therefore, there are several easy ways to create a new page, but the first thing the user has to do is register.

Creating a page using wiki-links

You can create a wiki-link to your future article by going to the “Edit” mode of an existing article that is related to your future one and, for example, adding the name of your page to the “See also” section.

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If you (or someone else) create a wiki-link to an article that does not exist yet, that link will be coloured red, like this.

By clicking on such a red link, you will be redirected to the page for editing a new article.

Once there, enter your text using the Article format standard, click on the "Save" button and a new page will be created.

After creating the page, the wiki-link colour changes from red to blue (purple if you have already clicked the link), which means that the article exists.

This is the best way to create a new page, as from the very beginning there will be at least one link to your article. Do not forget to put links to your page to other related articles.

If you want to create a new page without creating a link to it, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Is this page relevant to topics already covered by other users?
  • How can other users find it?
  • Will your article be of interest to other users if it is in no way related to other pages?

As a rule, there is no reason to create a page without first creating a link to it.

Creating a page using the search feature

If you were looking for a page that does not exist yet by using the search feature, you will see a proposal to create a page with that name. Click on the red link with the name and create the page.

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Don’t forget to follow the Article format standard.

Creating a page through an URL link

You can use the wiki URL link to create the page.

Example of the URL link of the Minter Wiki article:

Replace Your_Title with the actual title of the page you want to create and you will see a blank page, which means that an article with the same name does not exist yet.

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By clicking on the “Create” button in the upper right, you will enter the article creation mode.

Using the template for page creation (not yet implemented)

This method requires the extension Extension: InputBox installed. Copy the following text into the page in the wiki:

buttonlabel=Create new article
default=(Article title)

This action creates a field in which users can simply enter the title of the article and create a page with that name. This method allows even inexperienced editors to easily create pages.

Creating links that direct to your article

Remember to create links that direct to your article after its creation.

If you think someone else might be looking for it under a different name or spelling, create the appropriate links.

To do this, create a page with an alternative name and in the very first line specify:

#redirect [[Your page]] 

Redirect en.png

Article format standard

New pages are editable by other participants (this is one of the main ideas of the wiki!). While editing a page, it is best to adhere to the general standard for the format of articles:

  • Start with a general explanation of the main topic of the article;
  • Add a little illustration;
  • Divide the article into thematic sections, if there are more than 4, the Contents will be automatically compiled on them;
  • Link related Minter Wiki articles as well as sources of information.