How to create wallet

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Minter wallet (BIP wallet) is a universal tool that allows you to safely store, transfer, buy and delegate coins in the Minter network.

There are several ways to create a Minter wallet:

Creating a wallet

To create a wallet via the Console, go to

1. Click the "Generate seed phrase" button in the "Create wallet" field.

2. Generate a seed phrase and get the wallet address:

Save seed phrase in a safe place. This phrase is your password to enter the wallet (console) on any device.

Important! Your phrase is the only way to access your funds. Therefore, save or write down the phrase and do not pass it to third parties!

Do not enter your phrase anywhere except the official services of the Minter team.

3. Type or paste your seed phrase into "Your seed phrase" field and click the "Sign in" button to enter the console.

4. After that you get access to the Console - a work tool in Minter network. Here you can store and send coins, exchange them for other network's coins, delegate your coins, create checks and you can also create your own coin or masternode.


5. You can see your seed phrase in the "Account" tab. You can also copy the address through the QR code.