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InDEX is a project that analyzes the Minter network and checks the security and investment appeal of any Custom coins.

Project Services

  • INDEX is a service for checking the safety and investment attractiveness of custom coins.

This service already works. Here you can sort your custom coins by several criteria: "Security index", "Investment attractiveness index", "Technical index".

  • Projects is an overview of existing startups in the Minter ecosystem.
  • AntiSCAM is a list of dubious projects (in development);
  • Information portal (in development);
  • MintUP - versatile assistance to a young project (in development);
  • IMO is a special platform for the initial offer of custom coins;

If the user wishes to participate in the IMO, all they need to do is send BIP to the next address:


IMO softcap is 900 000 BIP.

Project's coin

For security and protection against fraud, the coin ticker is hidden until it is created.

The coin will be accepted as a payment for providing paid services within the framework of the project, as well as the possible use of the coin to pay for the services of the project partners, including "0% commission" when delegating it to the node of partners. Part of the income from services and rewards for delegation will be allocated for the purchase of coins for further re-delegation (permanent redemption of coins to maintain the price is planned).

Delegators of the coin will receive discounts as well as benefits to participate in the IMO (25% discount on the initial coin price).


  • IMO's mission - 11.12.2019-18.12.2019;
  • Creating your own coin - 19.12.2019;
  • Launch of the Information Portal - 30.12.2019;
  • Launch of AntiSCAM service - 15.01.2019;
  • Launch of MintUP - 01.02.2019;
  • Launch of the service for analysis of existing Minter network projects - 01.02.2019.

Project team

Vladimir Rodinka

Vladimir Rodinka is the founder of the InDEX project, an active member of the community. Winner of the coin economy statewide competition in Minter.

Evgeny Cherdantsev

Evgeny Cherdantsev - FullStack developer, data processing blockchaina.

Ivan Sukharev

Ivan Sukharev is a designer, project manager, UI/UX designer and active member of the community.

Principles of the project

  • As the cryptocurrency market carries great risks for investors, the main objective of the InDEX project is to comprehensively study Minter projects and analyse custom coins in order to avoid losses of money from investors and ordinary users of the ecosystem.
  • The InDEX project will contribute to the development of Minter-based projects and the network as a whole.