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Interchain.Zone is a project that provides an opportunity to analyze Minter blockchain information by many parameters gathered in one service. Created by BTC.Secure Validator team.

Creation principles

In the development of "Interchain.Zone", the developers have outlined a number of principles that their service should conform to. They are still up to date:

  • The big idea is that a service should be created for people and that it should be needed.
  • Simplicity - service must be accessible to everyone, including newcomers.
  • Informative - getting all the information about validators/coins/purses in one place.
  • Speed - updating the information after each block, without the need to reload the page.
  • Adaptivity - full and convenient use on any device.
  • Convenience of regular use - the ability to install as an application on mobile devices.
  • Availability in different languages - the service is available in Russian and English.


Validator Rating

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The first service developed as part of the Interchain.Zone project was a validator rating based on the value of the stake. Indexes are available in the rating:

  • Commission for Delegates,
  • The value of the validator's stake
  • The number of delegates
  • Uptime is the % of blocks signed by the validator,
  • Stability.

To get more detailed information on each validator, you need to go to its personal page, where you can also see the minimum stake, the number of blocks signatures, the presence of fines, combustion, passes, as well as information about the delegation in the node.

Custom coins overview

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The overview of custom coins presents all the coins of the Minter network that exist at the time of display. The table shows the name of the coin, CRR % , the value of the coin in the BIP and the reserve.

When you go to the page of each coin, a graph of the coin's value changes (by minutes, hours and days), as well as all its technical characteristics, becomes available:

  • The value of the coin relative to the BIP,
  • BIP value in relation to the coin,
  • BIP reserve,
  • The volume of the coins in circulation
  • Percent of delegated coins,
  • Delegating price,
  • Initial reserve,
  • Initial volume,
  • The initial price
  • CRR
  • The date of creation
  • The address of the creator's wallet.

Also, the page of each coin displays the rating of its delegates with the volume of delegated coins, the rating of validators to which the coin is delegated, and the rating of wallets on which the cashback or bonus with the coin was paid.

Wallet list


Wallets list includes full information about Minter blockchain purses. The general list shows the addresses of all created wallets and the amount of funds delegated in BIP equivalent.

Detailed information about the wallet:

  • Wallet balance in BIP equivalent, its capitalization, names of coins in the purse, names of delegated coins and their BIP equivalent.
  • Validators used by the wallet, the amount of coins delegated in them and their names.

Signed by karma

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Information about the existence of this page on "Interchain.Zone" has not been disclosed for a long time.

On the page signed by Karma you can see the list of wallets authorized by the KARMA coin personally Eugeney Gordeev and Daniel Lashin. Besides, there are displaying wallets with a note "GENESIS KYC OK".


The author of the Interchain.Zone service is Alexei Kuhnovets. He developed the original code of the program alone and continues to improve it by adding new services to the project. Alexei is BTC.Secure member. In addition to programming, he also has a passion for robotics and participates in interesting projects, including a robot manipulator, a Bionics automation controller (used in the greenhouse of the future to automate all processes) and projects in the field of Internet of Robotic Things. Alexey is the creator of the ROBOT coin.

Konstantin Melyoshkin and Dmitry Kozhevnikov also worked on the project. Konstantin came up with the idea of the service, worked through its structure to the smallest detail, and Dmitry helped to translate complex things into a simple language.

History of creation

The Interchain.Zone service was launched on March 12, 2019, 2 months before the launch of the main Minter network. The idea was to combine many parameters on one page, making their analysis simple and obvious.

Initially, Interchain.Zone included only the validators' rating. However, over time, there was a desire to simplify the analysis of other Minter blockchain data as well. This is how "Review of custom coins", "Wallets list" and "Signed by Karma" service were developed.