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Kitmoon is an automatic exchanger that can be used to convert BIP to other cryptocurrencies and vice versa.

Basic information

  • Address:
  • Minter Coins to Exchange: BIP
  • Crypto-currency acceptance: ETH, BTC
  • Reception of fiat money: No.
  • Minimal volume:100 BIP
  • Commission: "No hidden commissions or payoffs.
  • Guarantor:Service acts as a guarantor.


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Exchange information

All transactions in "Kitmoon" are processed using the blockchain technology , which implies full transparency, confidence that the information in the system is true and cannot be changed without the consent of all interested parties, excludes the possibility of undesirable and cheating actions. Each user has 60 minutes to complete the transaction and transfer funds, otherwise your order is automatically cancelled.

The exchanger categorically forbids the use of the service for illegal transfers and fraudulent activities. The user undertakes to comply with these requirements and in case of fraud to be held liable as established by law at the moment.