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Alexei Kuhnovets is developer of the Interchain.Zone project, a member of the BTC.Secure team.


Secondary special.

Professional skills

Developer (C/C++/Java/Kotlin/PHP/Javascript/TCL), electronics engineer, a slightly blogger and photographer.

Before Minter

Alexey was always interested in electronics, assembling electronic devices and in programming.

He worked as a computer master, technical director in a tour company, chief internet marketer in an industrial equipment trading company. Field of activity: computer hardware, programming, and later marketing and management processes.

When life became boring and monotonous, he returned to his passion for electronics and immersed himself in working with microcontrollers. At the same time, he mastered C/C++ for controllers and simple computer applications/modules, Java/Kotlin for Android applications.

At a certain moment, he started to actively take pictures and attend various events and flash mobs as a photographer and operator.


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He heards about Minter from an advertisement in Telegram about integration with TON He started to try myself as a validator, wrote an auto-delegate program and a penalty protection system.

During the process, he communicated with many members of the Minter community, including @AlexeyXL from Monster Node. There was a desire to make a rating of validators with them, however, he thought that they are doing well and did not see the desire to develop "went further".

Looking at BTC.Secure, I saw a lively, young community and, most importantly, a desire to evolve. Besides, I felt the sense of need there, and this is my main fuel for any activity. And, of course, I was offered a certain percentage of my income, which was difficult to refuse.
Alexei Kukhnovets


In BTC.Secure Alexey has developed the service Interchain.Zone, and continues to support and develop it. Besides, there are some new developments, the details of which are not public yet.

Alexey's personal project is a coin ROBOT. It is designed to promote robotics in the community of Minter blockchain.

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