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MSCAN - official custom coin of the Minterscan project and related services. The coin was created on June 16, 2019 with the support of DAO and development teams of Minter blockchain.

The entire volume of initial emission is delegated evenly for 33.3% to three validators: 1%, Minter One, BTC.Secure.

Delegation rewards are distributed as follows:

  • 50% of the rewards - redemption and redelegation of the coin MSCAN,
  • 50% - can be spent on the development of the project and covering the costs associated with it.

Coin specifications

Coin purpose

Directions of use of the coin by the Minterscan project are:

  • award in competitions,
  • payment for project infrastructure,
  • bonuses for those who find bugs on the Minterscan explorer and related services.

Payments for additional services of the Minterscan explorer could be made with MSCAN, while Explorer itself and its main services are free. Also MSCAN 'provides an opportunity to influence the development of the Minterscan project, this option is available to large coin delegates.

Development team

The MSCAN coin was created by the Minterscan team, led by project founder Sergei Saliy