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MinterNodusBot is an information bot that tells users about Minter nodes, as well as evaluates the advantages of each node, describes the current promotions, conditions of delegation, and also evaluates separately each validator custom coin.


The bot introduces the user to the main points:

1. Bot use is completely free;

2. The bot is constantly sending out current news about validator promotions;

3. Short links are used for unreadable links;

4. You can contact the project representatives through the section "Contacts".

Read and press the "Next" button.

  • The user gets directly to the main menu.

About the Minter

At this point, the bot informs each user about the concept of "Minter" and briefly describes the functionality of the project and what engine it is built on. At the bottom is a link that leads to the official site Minter:

About the Node

Here is a brief description of the concept of validators, candidates, Minter network delegates, in an accessible language is written to reduce the award from 333 BIP to 0 BIP after approximately ~ 7 years and much more. After reading the theoretical part, you can choose the item that is of interest to a particular user:

1. Select Delegats and once again give a lecture on concepts and terms. The bot then offers 3 ways to buy and sell cryptocurrency BIP (MBank, BIP Banker Bot, 1001 btc):

By clicking on each of the three links, the user can read the general information about each exchanger and, if desired, use their services.

2. Item Candidates. Here each user can learn general information on how to become validator of the Minter network.

3. In section validator we will find information that 16 nodes were initially activated in blockcahin, and every 518,400 blocks in the network will be unlocked with 4 additional slots for validators. Most importantly, the active validators are sorted according to the commission paid by the delegate.


This section provides general information on why the bot is created and where to go in case a person is interested in an opportunity to cooperate. And also provided the address of the wallet for those who want to help the project in the development.


The owner of the bot "MinterNodusBot" - Dmitry Nikitin, an entrepreneur whose main activity is advertising and promotion of projects on the Internet, as well as the development and implementation of such chat-bots in business processes.


Bot @MinterNodusBot

Dmitry Nikitin - bot owner