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Minter 5 is a project in the form of a reality show. This is the first large-scale competition aimed at popularizing the ideas of Minter among the masses that was held after the launch of Mainnet.

“Cryptocurrency can be used in real life here and now!”

The essence of the competition is the public display of the offline capabilities of simple and quick settlements via BIP in real-time and in different cities and countries.

The concept of the Minter 5 project idea was first voiced by Evgeny POPE Gordeev in the Minter chat (Russian group) on 15.05.2019:

“We have an idea here: We select 5 people from the community around the world, give them 100K BIP per month, their task is to spend them in a cool manner, ordering goods and services through various services, without changing to fiat or cryptocurrency, just paying with BIP and others coins. The winner is the one who spent his time most interestingly, he receives a prize - another 100 thousand BIP.”

On June 21, 2019, the Minter 5 Telegram channel was created, where the first post announced the acceptance of applications from users of the Minter network to participate in the competition.

Terms of the competition

The main responsibility of the participants was to spend 100,000.00 BIP per month. It was allowed in custom coins, but using fiat money or adding your own funds was not allowed. Every day 3500.00 BIP was credited to the balance of each participant, those BIP could be saved or spent in parts.

At the same time, a page dedicated to the project and its participants was created on the website, which displayed the expenses of transactions of five competitors.

The participant with the fewest votes was required to leave the project each week. Voting was carried out by transferring any number of any coins of the Minter network to the participant's address.

Project participants

On July 1, 2019, the team of the five participants that won the competitive selection for the Minter 5 project was published. This team included:

First week

The first week included acquaintance with the team of five, the publication of the first posts, interviews, streams, discussion of ideas about spending money that was given by the project. Participants issue their coins, conduct airdrops as well as first deals for BIP and the custom coins.

  • Leo organizes, finances and conducts a super-crypto-party with models and media support.
  • Dmitry takes his parents to a restaurant, to the cinema, he rides a taxi and jumps with a parachute.
  • Pavel goes to the sea in Croatia to relax, unwind and work out his investment project, he rents an apartment.
  • Kristina eats pizza with her dog Irkhan, is engaged in self-education and charity - helps the nursery for animals. As a result of this event, E. Gordeev donated POPE coins for the maintenance of this nursery.
  • Franek sanitizes the oral cavity, gives the lady of his heart roses and eclairs, acquires a piece of fitness equipment, sponsors a comedy show, plays in a casino and rents a car.

All achievements, payment transactions, movements of reality show participants were published on the Minter 5 Telegram channel, on the website, and were discussed in the Minter X chat.

Second week

Summing up the first week:

  • According to the decision of the organizers - at the end of the first week, all participants remained in the project, as it turned out that the participants voted for themselves, and this was not initially prohibited by the rules.
  • The rules were adjusted and two weeks later, two participants lost the opportunity to spend 3500 BIP daily in the project.
  • During the second week, the participants continue to spend BIP. Cumulative voting was a pleasant bonus that strengthens the motives of the participants.
  • At the end of the second week, Dmitry and Franek left the project.

Third week

Summing up the previous week:

  • “Another week of our experiment has ended. This time Leo organized us with a party in Moscow City, Pavel equipped his taxis in Ljubljana with QR codes to pay for trips in BIP, and Christina held broadcasts about cryptocurrencies and Minter on DFM radio 💣 ” - from the ##Minter5 results.
  • Pavel continued to integrate Minter into his taxi company, he also maintains a list of household expenses that he pays for in BIP.
  • Kristina helped the wolf nursery, integrated BIP calculations into the air club, which she reported to Minter and Nizhny Novgorod with a huge advertising poster, bought a benzo tool and paid for self-development courses.
  • Leo was the third one to leave the Minter5 reality show.

Kristina and Pavel went on to the finale.

Fourth week

Pavel has won the finale 🚀.

  • Pavel flew in a balloon, developed his taxi project for BIP, promoted prostheses for people with disabilities, increased the list of fixed household expenses that he could pay for in BIP.
  • Kristina became the sponsor of the Olympic team in martial arts and turned this team into geeks. CrossFit Club was also involved there. She designed and printed Minter business cards, Minter stickers, worked on merchandise design for Minter and, in agreement with the Minter team, organized sponsorship of the athlete's participation in international competitions.

By the end of the contest, Pavel’s balance had almost 2 times more votes. During the debriefing, the amount ensuring her victory was received on Kristina's balance. But an unknown fan was 6 minutes late. Throughout the reality show, the guys were very much helped by the Hopper.Money project.


It has been proved on practice that some of the citizens of our World are ready to become users of Minter. Fast settlements and payments in BIP - is already a reality offline.

Pavel won 221,909.00 BIP

Evgeny Gordeev personally gave Kristina 100 000.00 BIP for the development of charity projects.


One of the Minter users (nickname is AykhanⓂ️Geek), during a public discussion of how to spend 3500.00 BIP a day for a month, was the first in the Minter chat (Russian group) to voice the idea of traveling while paying in BIP, applied for participation, but did not pass the selection.

Despite this, Aykhan quit his job, independently made an agreement with Evgeny Gordeev on financing, and on the same terms, but out of competition and without the right to win 100,000.00 BIP, moved forward to promote Minter while travelling around the World.

The Sixth participant (Aykhan) created his Telegram channel Sixth, which covered his movements and achievements. For a month, Aykhan visited St. Petersburg (Russia), Riga (Latvia), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Stuttgart (Germany), Ulm (Germany, Einstein's homeland) and Baku (Azerbaijan). He paid for chocolate and accommodation in BIP, travelled, got a haircut, ate, ordered two YouTube videos and an animated movie about Minter, met geeks everywhere, and like five participants of Minter 5 he promoted the idea of the Internet of money to the masses.