Minter One Wallet

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Minter One Wallet is a service with auto-delegation made by the validator Minter One. With this tool you can perform operations with stake (revocation/delegation) and with coins (transfer/receipt and purchase/sale of custom coins).


  • Incoming transaction notifications
  • Filtered transaction history
  • Auto delegation
  • Manual delegation and unbond.
  • Enter by seed-phrase or Private key.
  • Russian and English language support
  • Display balances in alternative currency (fiat or crypto)
  • Registering new wallets
  • Getting coins by QR
  • The ability to attach the application to your iOS or Android desktop
  • Detailed information about Reward per day

Desktop application

The service can be installed as a desktop application. To do this, open the wallet page in Chrome browser and agree to the installation.

Once installed, you can run your wallet in a separate window as if it were a normal Windows/Linux/MacOS application.


Your seed-phrase and private key are not transferred outside the browser: transactions are only signed and sent locally.


At the moment there are no restrictions on use: you can send any amount of coins, as well as use a redealer for any validators.