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Minterfaucet is a faucet for extracting BIP cryptocurrency, where anyone with only a purse address can get some BIP.


You only need to enter your own Minter wallet number for registration.

Faucty reg.png


Once the user is logged in, he can immediately get some small amount of BIP. To do this, click the Get BIP button:

G fauc.png

After that, a redirect to the page advertised by the faucets takes place - a timer will be displayed at the top, after which (5 seconds) a button Skip Advertising will appear, then click Save and we will be redirected to another page:

Bip get.png

Boxes of luck

Each user can try their luck by going to the Boxes of Luck section:

Box faucet.png

All you have to do is buy one with 3 boxes hoping to win a more impressive prize:

  • Starter - the Bronze box of luck has 1 to 10 BIP. The cost of the box is 5 BIP.
  • Silver - in 'Silver' box of luck you will win 5 to 20 BIP. The cost of the box is 10 BIP.
  • Gold - the Gold box of luck has 25 to 100 BIP winnings. The cost of the box is 50 BIP.

The calculation

  • The faucet can be used no more than once per hour and no more than 10 times per day - everything depends on the level of your account.
  • Maximum amount of rewards per day - from 0.15 BIP to 0.33 BIP depending on the account level, which is equal to 30 BIP stake delegation in the first case, and 60 BIP in the second.


The levels are designed to increase user loyalty to the "Minterfaucet" platform.

Each time a user clicks on a crane, a special counter is raised, which increases the level and together with it the reward for one crane usage.

Level 1. 0 crane uses. Reward 0.015 BIP.

2 level. 15 uses of the crane. Fee 0.015~0.017 BIP.

Level 3. 30 uses of the crane. Fee 0.015~0.019 BIP.

4 level. 45 uses of the crane. Fee 0.015~0.021 BIP.

5 level. 60 crane uses. Fee 0.015~0.023 BIP.

6 level. 75 crane uses. Fee 0.015~0.025 BIP.

7 level. 90 crane uses. Fee 0.015~0.027 BIP.

8 level. 105 crane uses. Fee 0.015~0.029 BIP.

9 level. 120 crane uses. Fee 0.015~0.031 BIP.

10 level. 135 crane uses. Fee 0.015~0.033 BIP.


  • Any user must disable the AdBlock extension for all sites during crane use, only in this case the system will credit BIP;
  • If a user somehow managed to bypass the first rule and the system calculated the reward, the system has the right to make a recalculation and credit the amount calculated according to affiliate rewards when withdrawing the coins.
  • The user should analyze and make decisions on advertising from partners which he wishes to see, the project does not carry any responsibility for placed advertising on a third-party resource but can guarantee with full confidence the absence of harmful codes and dangerous software.

Referral Program

In order to take part in the referral program of the project, you need to go to your personal cabinet and click on "Referral link" in the cap. Then you can copy your link and send it to your friends or to various forums and social networks.

Each time a referral clicks on a crane, the user will receive from 0.005 to 0.01 BIP.


The Minterfaucet project plans:

  • Lottery;
  • Totalizator.