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Minterscan is a dynamically developing large-scale project that includes services allowing you to analyze the work of Minter blockchain. It's also a validator, its own coin MSCAN and a free open encyclopedia of Minter Wiki.

Minterscan team projects

Initially, the basis and the only component of the "Minterscan" project was Explorer Minterscan. However, over time, the team developed new services and mastered new areas of activity.

Explorer Minterscan

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Explorer Minterscan is a set of services that provides up-to-date information about Minter blockchain. Here you can always find the main blockchain performance indicators, as well as detailed information about blocks, transactions and wallets.

Explorer Minterscan allows projects and ordinary blockchain users to verify their wallets. Thanks to verification, it is easy to determine who owns a particular wallet.

In addition, Explorer Minterscan has implemented a validator rating based on the delegate's votes, not on the stake size. According to Minterscan team viewpoint, this is the fairest criterion, including the newer validators appearance.

Detailed information about each validator (including the size of the validator stake, delegate commission, minimum stake and more) is also available in Explorer Minterscan.

Zen Validator

Zen Validator was launched by the Minterscan team on July 15, 2019, with the support of the Minter team and the 1% validator. The Zen commission for all delegates is 3%.

ZEN Validator is 10th ranked in Validators Rating of the Minterscan's Explorer, which shows that there is good communication with delegates and a high level of trust on their part.

Minter Wiki Encyclopedia

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Minter Wiki is a non-profit project of the Minterscan team. It is an open, free encyclopedia in which every registered user can correct the information.

The Minter Wiki organized a contest called Hell's Kitchen, under its terms it was suggested to send an article for publication in the encyclopedia. Each selected article was published in Minter Wiki and the authors were awarded with 666 BIP.

Currently, the encyclopedia is being filled out by the editors of Minterscan team, as well as by anyone interested in Minter blockchain.

Overview of Minterscan coins

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As part of the "Minterscan" project, an overview of all the network custom coins is available, as well as their main indicators:

  • Price
  • total volume
  • the reserve
  • delegated amount
  • CRR

In addition, the current total number of existing Minter coins is always displayed in the coin overview.

Additional services

The coin calculator helps to calculate the value of any custom coin in BIP and $, as well as the reward from their delegation.

Minter Multisend is developed to send Multisend transactions with open source code. According to the results of the check by the Frontend-developer of the Minter team Nikita Eiburg, there are no vulnerabilities to leak a seed phrase or private key.

Page Minter 5 contains information about the contest conditions, participants and the winner.

The project page 10 BIP displays information about the pilot portfolio, where everyday custom coins are bought for 10 BIP. Thanks to this page it is convenient to track the progress and intermediate results of the experiment.

The cats page contains all available MinterCat and detailed instructions on how to purchase them.


The MSCAN coin was released by the "Minterscan" team on June 16, 2019, with the support of the DAO and the Minter blockchain and the development team.

The Minterscan team uses the coin MSCAN as an award in contests, payment for the project's infrastructure, and as bonuses to those who find bugs in Minterscan and related services. Users can pay with this coin for paid services Explorer Minterscan (delegate voting and wallet verification) or consider delegating it.

Minterscan team

The Minterscan team is headed by its founder Sergei Saliy. The team consists of 5 people who are constantly working on the Minterscan project.

In addition to their own projects, the Minterscan team provides technical and informational support to new projects and other teams.

Minterscan Project History

The "Minterscan" project was one of the first projects created in the Minter blockchain. The project's history begins with the launch of the first version of Explorer Minterscan on May 28, 2019.

I've been studying Minter for a while and then, after playing with the console and the Explorer, I decided that I could do things my own way. I sat down for the code and spent a few days on my laptop. Judging by the users' feedback, the first version turned out to be quite good.
Sergei Salii, interview to DeCenter channel, 5 July 2019

After the launch of the first version, Sergey left his main job at the time and devoted himself entirely to the Minterscan project. Over time, a team of enthusiasts came together who were interested in improving Explorer as well as developing the Minterscan project. Here are the main checkpoints in the development of the project after the launch of Explorer Minterscan:

  • 16.06.2019 - coin released MSCAN
  • 03.07.2019 - Minter Wiki encyclopedia opened,
  • 15.07.2019 - validator Zen started.