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Monster Node is one of the first validators of the Minter network. It’s consistently part of the top-3 rating in the amount of the delegated stake. The node was launched in the testnet of the Minter network in July 2018.

The standard commission of the node is 10%, however, there is a commission return program for delegated BIP and MNST coins in place since July 1, 2019.

The cashback is calculated automatically by the formula and can amount up to 5%

The Monster Node validator public key:



Monster node issued the MNST coin on May 16, 2019.

MNST is used as an incentive for novice Monster Node delegators. It will also be possible to use MNST coin to pay for all services that are launched soon, as well as for the ones that will be developed in the future.

Additional node

A distinctive feature of the Monster Node validator is perhaps two simultaneously running nodes, Monster Node and Monster Node 2.0. The commission for both nodes is the same, the only difference is the minimum stakes.


During the first Minter network hackathon that was held in August 2018, Monster Node team’s project won in the category “Development of Masternode rating”.

During the second Minter network hackathon, Monster Node team won with their platform for custom coins called MonsterDex.


"Monsters", as they are often referred to in public space, have launched several useful services, in particular:

Minter validators ranking

The rating displays all of the existing validators of the Minter network. The important parameters of any validator are displayed (status, uptime, number of passes and burns).


The decentralized exchange (DEX, temporarily off) displays a list of all coins created in the Minter network. There are a candlestick price chart, history of purchases and sales, trading volumes and parameters of each coin displayed.


Monster Node's flagship product is the Monster Wallet. In comparison to the Console, it has several additional functions, in particular, server auto-delegation and access to the internal exchange service. After registration, it becomes possible to exchange BIP for BTC / ETH (and vice versa) without using additional services.