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Referral is a person who is invited by another participant (referrer) anywhere (chat, payment system, shop, Minter drawing, etc.) within the framework of the affiliate program. Normally, the referrer who invited referral, receives the award - money, interest from referrals payments, etc.

Affiliate (referral) programs are widely used in Internet marketing and are a highly effective tool to attract active users under certain conditions. If any project launches an affiliate program, any participant registered in it receives a special code. The link with this code is called a referral link. It allows one to identify customers who have come by the referral's invitation. If a visitor has fulfilled the terms of the affiliate program (join Telegram channel, purchase, account deposit, etc.), he/she becomes a referral. The referrer will be rewarded for it on an one-time, temporary or permanent basis.

The referral can then receive the partner code himself/herself and invite his/her acquaintances (or, for example blog readers) as referrals. It can resemble a financial pyramid, but there is a fundamental difference here as the referrals are not obliged to pay money to participate in referral programs.

There are single-level (the referrer receives income only from their direct referrals) and multilevel (referral’s referrals (indirect referrals) also provide income to original referrer) referral programs.

In today’s marketing, attracting referrals and viral publicity in social networks are considered as the most effective tools for projects promotion that create such a positive impression on customers that they start advertising them free of charge to their friends and acquaintances. This effect is known as a "word of mouth" and that is exactly that many people have in common with Minter network.

Referrals in Minter network

Minter network regularly runs referral campaigns. The first Minter referral campaign was announced together with an early access campaign, and 100 BIP were paid for the referrals invited.

Minter airdrop.png

Another one-level referral program has been held together with a prize draw of 500,000 BIP. According to terms and conditions, any draw participant, who joined Minter and DeCenter social channels, automatically received a referral link and could have invited referrals through Telegram channels. 10 BIPs have been credited for every referral on 31 August 2019.