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STORE - Validator Minter Store's coin was created on June 11, 2019.

Coin specifications

  • Name: Official coin of the Minter Store validator team
  • Ticker: STORE
  • Initial amount: 10 000 000 STORE
  • Start price: 0,01
  • Initial reserve: 100 000 BIP
  • CRR: 60%
  • Message: -
  • Founder: Mx45e536584fb9273ee152edc885d43b3d0db6492f
  • Main Project name: Minter Store

Coin purpose

The validator coin was created for loyalty programs, as well as a means of payment and exchange in the Minter Store services.

Development team

The Minter Store began working long before the launch of Mainnet.

These were promotions for the pool participants during the period of the Minter's crowdsale. Special conditions are created for the MINTER STORE delegators after the launch of Mainnet.

Today it is an integrated team of people who are determined to develop the STORE project.