Sidorov Alexey

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Alexey Sidorov is a member Development team. He specializes in developing web and iOS applications.


He is fond of computers since childhood, while still in school he began to study HTML and Visual Basic.

To date, the total experience in creating web applications is 10 years, in the last 5 of which Alex has concentrated on creating applications for IOS.

In 2015, he was an IOS developer at Russian Ventures, together with Evgeny Gordeev.

He has worked for companies such as SuperJob and Lanta Tour Voyage.

He was one of those who invented and developed the project and a number of other applications. The story of the creation of Mee2 can be read here.

In Minter

In the project, Minter is the author of the IOS wallet and IOS SDK.

Alexey sees Minter today as a convenient network for implementation in projects. In his opinion, due to the fact that the Minter team is happy with new ideas and has common goals with third-party developers, the number of projects on Minter will only grow. He believes that the community is the main development asset blockchain and Minter.

Monke Project

See article Monke for more details.

Alexey’s personal project in Minter is Monke.   This project creates a virtual keyboard for mobile devices.

The Monke Keyboard allows you to send BIP from any application or messenger where there is keyboard input.

The application on iOS and Android is in beta testing.

The main coin of the project BANANA.