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Spam token is a mass sending of tokens to the wallets of users who did not requested them. Spam token as a phenomenon in crypto world that appeared first in 2017 due to the development of platforms with the ability for users to create their own tokens at minimal cost.

Spam tokens are mostly popular in Etherium and Waves networks.

Investor security

Spam tokens are neither a threat nor a value to the funds in the investor's wallet. They are typically sent for advertising purposes, just like an ordinary spam. One should separate spam tokens, which are came against one’s desire from the tokens that are received from Airdrop and Bounty's advertising campaigns or email mailing one have subscribed to.

Network Security

Another use of spam token is a form of network cyber attack. The attacker maximizes the network bandwidth with transactions, so that other users cannot use it. This type of attack does not pose a major threat to the entire network, although it can create several inconveniences for users. Several such attacks were detected on the Etherium network in 2017. As a result, Vitaly Buterin stated that: This type of attack is not much cheaper than a 51% attack.


Minter has a much higher network bandwidth than its predecessors, which gives the highest level of security from spam attack threats. Economic incentives embedded in DPOS and Minter Blockchain's security mechanisms are the guarantors of the smooth network operation. That does not completely remove spam possibility though. Spam in Minter has not acquired a mass character as of today.

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