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StakeHolder is one of the first validators of the Minter network. The infrastructure is based on equipment from the market leaders in cloud computing: Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Digital Ocean, providing availability, reliability and security of a hardware infrastructure.

The validator has its own coin SHSCOIN.

StakeHolder public key validator




In addition to maintaining the work of the node, the team also develops other services:

  • Profitability calculator - a service that calculates the return on the delegation to the validator with 10% commission;
  • Rating of validators - service informer about the state of network validators, their stability and reliability;
  • Wallet-info - capacious service informer about the state of the purse: capitalization, balance state, delegated funds, as well as detailed information about the distribution of funds to the validators and losses of coin value from delegation;
  • AutoDelegator - on-line automatic delegation service, with flexible delegation settings (service overview). Works completely on the client's side, does not store private keys and other data on the server.
  • Telegram bot MInterQr_bot is a generator of personal QR codes of wallets and PubKey validators;
  • Telegram bot MinterChequeBot - MinterCheck widget.

Participating in the development of the Minter network

  • Providing developers with free access to the infrastructure of API servers: (testnet and mainnet). These are pooled resources from different volunteer validators under a single load balancer.
  • Providing individual commission conditions for startups on the Minter platform.

Interesting facts

  • One of the six validators in which the founder of the network Eugenye Gordeev invested his 36 BTCs.
  • After the launch of the main network, the Minter StakeHolder validator was the first to receive a 1% fine for missing blocks, despite this, the loss of delegates was completely covered, although no promises or guarantees were made in this case.