Stakeholder Wallet

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Stakeholder Wallet is a StakeHolder Validator information service that displays blockchain data about the selected Minter wallet address.

Located at

Wallet Stakeholder.png

To display the information by the purse address, you should input it into the search line at the top of the service. After that the following information will be displayed:

  • The chosen address of the Mx...
  • Presence on the address of a reputation KARMA coin
  • MARKET CAP information block - shows the total capitalization of the wallet in different monetary units: BIP, BTC and USD. The Address rank icon is displayed on the left
  • STAKE VOLATILITY information block - the share of coins with different CRR value is shown as a diagram with interpretation. The higher the proportion of coins with low CRR, the more volatile the wallet balance will be
  • BALANCE information block - in the header it shows the address balance in terms of BIP and in the block is decoded for each token
  • DELEGATE information block- in the header it shows the total amount of money transferred to BIP and in the block is decoded for each token. To the right of each token is its CRR and the percentage of how much this Custom coin will be less than the value in BIP when you delegating it (for more details see Delegation)
  • NODES - a list of validators, by which the funds were transferred to the selected address. For each validator, the information is decoded with the Ticker of the coin, the number of delegated coins and other information.

Version history

Current version of the service 1.6.6