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Ticker is the coin official unique alias (like TEAM, POPE, DEC, MSCAN). It has a length of 3 to 10 characters. Ticker consists of the Latin alphabet capital letters. It is the ticker, not the name of the coin, that is used to talk about the coin in a chat room or on the website.

The ticker is chosen by the will of the coin creator.

It can be a famous word (BITCOIN, LENINGRAD, ETHEREUM, and others) or an arbitrary word (BUYITNOW, DONOTBUY77 or ILOVEYOU), in any case it's just a custom coin ticker of the Minter network and has nothing common with real Bitcoins, Ethereum and their purchases this coin has nothing to do with!

Don't be fooled by coinciding tickers, the name of the coin or the message when creating it - only careful research behind the coin of a particular project and its creator can be the basis for the decision to buy a custom coin, even if it has a short and loud ticker like BTC or DASH.

In all operations with a coin - when creating, converting, sending, searching DEX or MinterScan, selecting a coin for delegation, and so on - the identification of the coin is done by the ticker.

The number of characters in the ticker influences the commission for the coin issue:

  • 3 characters - 1 000 000 BIP
  • 4 characters - 100,000 BIP
  • 5 characters - 10,000 BIP
  • 6 characters - 1 000 BIP
  • 7-10 characters - 100 BIP

If the coin is destroyed, the ticker became free. Therefore, coins with the same ticker have been issued repeatedly, for example TELEPORTER.

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In the coin creation transaction, the ticker is stored in the Symbol field, it is an array, and the data type is a byte (type CoinSymbol [CoinSymbolLength]byte).

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