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Time Loop is a multiplayer browser-based online game that uses the Minter network coin as game tokens.

Time Loop allows any player to get coins of the Minter network by winning games. Unlike gambling games, where the player does not control anything, in this game, everything is decided by skill. The better a player plays, the more often he wins.

Game requirements

To access the Time Loop the player is required to have:

  • Internet connection
  • Minter network wallet
  • TIME coins
  • Telegram account

One can play via PC or any mobile device.

The game

The player has a spaceship with a machine gun and missiles and he returns to the same point in time and competes for points. The game is built around the TIME coin which is spent when the player travels in time and awarded to the winner of each game. The transfer of coins between players is a real transaction in the Minter network that is conducted quickly, cheaply and without causing any trouble to the players.

The gameplay is to collect points on the game map using a spaceship. To win, the player needs to score the most points, after which the entire bank of the game passes to the winner.

Game rules

The player has a spaceship and the task is to score as many points as possible in one flight.

The player who scored the most points becomes a contender for the title of the winner of the game. The contender becomes the winner if all of his competitors are not able to score more points during the next three flights. The winner receives the entire bank of the game in TIME coins.

TIME is a special coin that is used to get into the Time Loop where the flights take place.

Each flight in the Time Loop lasts 75 seconds. The player can see the actions of ships from the past, be it his own ships, ships of his friends or his competitors.

Not only that, but the player can also collect points from his ships by flying closer to them or his enemies' ones by attacking them.

There are many secrets and features in this game that you can discover for yourself, learn from trainers or read in a special Telegram bot: @timeloopminterbot

Sign up

Time Loop sign up takes place in the Telegram bot @timeloopminterbot There the user can:

  • Check his balance
  • Transfer the coins to his Minter wallet address
  • Get a link to the game that will redirect him to the browser page of the game.

Use of TIME tokens

The player can purchase TIME coins on the game's website using the "Shop" tab. There he can see the Minter network address to which tokens should be transferred.

TIME tokens are transferred via the Telegram bot @timeloopminterbot.

In every new game the player creates, the first flight is free. All the subsequent ones will cost a certain amount of coins, which depends on the size of the bank.

All the money that was spent in the room is distributed as follows: 90% - to the winner of the game, this is the Bank of the game, which is displayed in the list; 1% - to the Prospector of the winner; 1% - to the Coach of the winner; 8% - to the developers of the game to maintain the service.


After entering the game, the player will see a list of games (rooms) on the main page. He can participate in any current game or create his own one.

Time Loop main.jpg

For each room, the Leader's nickname, the number of points scored, the Bank played (in TIME tokens) and the number of attempts to overthrow the Leader (it's under the avatar, the number of crosses represents the number of attempts out of 3) are indicated.

After choosing a room, a window will open with detailed information and a "Play" button indicating the cost for trying to overthrow the Leader.

Game field

After entering the game, the game field is displayed in front of you.

Time Loop game.jpg

Each round lasts 75 seconds. During this time you need to score the maximum number of points by:

  • collecting golden coins
  • destroying game bots
  • destroying ships of competitors

To control the ship, the player uses the mouse + keyboard (if the game is run on a PC) and the touchpad (if the game is run on a mobile device). The following actions are available:

  • flight direction indication
  • machine gunshot
  • missile shot
  • one-time flight acceleration

Crashing into the boundary of the game field causes the ship to teleport to a different point within the game field boundaries but allows the player to continue the flight.

The level of the Charge, the number of missiles and the heating level of the ship are displayed at the top of the game field.

Determining the winner

The game results are displayed on the screen after the flight is over.

If a new room has been created, then the room and its bank will be displayed in the general list.

If the player entered the existing room (wanted to overthrow the leader).

In the case of the player gaining more points than the previous leader, he becomes the new leader.

In the case of the player gaining fewer points than the current leader, he loses.

After the player becomes the leader of the room, he needs to wait until 3 attempts are made to overthrow him. If someone scores more points than him during these attempts, that player will become the new leader. If all three attempts fail, the Bank of the game goes to his balance.

Referral game mechanics

This project is an ecosystem in which each user can take on different roles: Player, Prospector and Coach.

A player is the foundation of any game. The role of the player is clear and simple; you need to develop your skill in the game in order to have increased chances of winning.

Prospector is a player that finds future champions and invites them to the game. They are like bounty hunters, looking for professional cyber sportsmen and gamers. When his player wins, he gets 1% of all funds spent as a fee for flight in a room. And he gets it every time his player wins.

Coaches play a very similar role, but with a slight difference. The game has a lot of tricks and tactics that can only be mastered by practice and are not specifically described in the official rules. Coaches are those people who can train players and tell them about various tactics and techniques, remind them to play as well as inform them about new features that have appeared there. Like the Prospector, the Trainer receives 1% of all funds spent as a fee for flights in a room.

Technically, it works as follows - every time you enter the game, your personal identifier is automatically added to the URL link: https://timeloop.games/?id=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

If you copy and send this link to any new person who is not yet registered in the game and he starts playing, then after his first victory you will officially become his Prospector, indestructible record of what will be created on the Minter blockchain.

If you send the link to a player who previously played the game and has a Prospector, but he clicked on your link and won, then you become his Coach. Coaches, unlike Prospectors, can be replaced every time a player enters the game using the link with new id = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thus, the player can have both the Prospector and the Coach, who can receive 1% + 1% of all LOOP spent in the game in which the player won.

If a player has signed up by going to the game's website: https://timeloop.games/ then he will not have a Prospector, but he may have a Coach.

By clicking on the link with your ID you cannot become your own Coach.