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Minter is a blockchain that allows you to create, transfer and exchange coins for all of the other coins issued in the network, as well as for Bitcoin, Ethereum and even USD, instantly and with no restrictions. It is the next-generation cryptocurrency.

Network’s name is derived from Internet of Money – Minter.

Main features

  • The transactions are processed every five seconds;
  • Anyone can create his coin and set its price;
  • The DPoS consensus algorithm ensures high reliability;
  • Thousands of transactions per second;
  • An extensive choice of blockchain applications, ranging from wallets for various devices and a wide variety of Telegram bots to cryptocurrency exchanges and other exchange services;
  • Open-source documentation and software;
  • A large community of users and developers;
  • Transaction fees below $0.01.

Minter network speed

Thanks to the unique Tendermint engine with the DPoS consensus algorithm, Minter is able to process up to 10,000 transactions per block every five seconds. In the near future, this number will increase up to 100,000. Forget about delays or waiting for another confirmation – the transaction is sent in an instant.

Number of transactions per second

Minter is 200 times faster than its grandpa!

Coin Issuance and Exchangeability in Minter network

Money is a way of exchanging values. Today the value is produced by many people and companies, for example, popular Internet shops and services, new YouTubers or Instagrammers, mobile games or communities of people. They all need their own money by their own terms. That’s why each Minter network participant can create his coin and use it in his business or project or for any other purposes.

All coins can be exchanged both within and outside the network. There is little sense in creating a currency that cannot be used to pay for goods and services around the world. That is why ability to exchange any coin for Bitcoin, Ethereum and even USD whenever you want is one of Minter’s primary features. Imagine that you can use miles you've got for riding taxi to pay for flight tickets?

Pay with any Minter network coin

Transaction fees

Transaction fees are so low that they don’t even bother anyone. Just to remind you, they do not exceed $0.01 regardless of the volume of exchange or transfer operation. That is all because Minter network has a high network throughput and thousands of transactions per second. That's why validators can make good money even with commission fees set so low.

Commission at maximum transaction speed

Revenues of Validators and Delegators

All of the income and transaction fees go to our validators and their delegators cause it is they who support our network.

DPoS implies the simplest block generation mechanisms on relatively affordable equipment, but with a high degree of integrity. These servers will receive 98% of the total BIP issue and 100% of transaction fees.

Each user can become a Validator or a Delegator and receive his share of income from Minter network.