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White Paper is an official document informing the reader about a new technology, methodology, product or service to be launched. White paper has become very popular while carrying out ICO cryptocurrency projects.

The main document of blockchain Minter is White Paper, which is available at official website. The current version is 0.4 from September 24, 2018.

General principles of blockchain

The Minter network is developed by a team of highly qualified specialists, which has three main objectives:

  1. Daily use. We offer users a convenient currency for daily use;
  2. The user is the bank. We give each creator of value the opportunity to issue their own currency and manage it;
  3. Full liquidity. Each coin must have instant, absolute liquidity.

Technical aspects

  • Network description
  • Blocks
  • Block structure (network specification)
  • MApps


Minter network coins

  • Comparison of payment solutions of different blockchains
  • BIP offer
  • Balance of power online


Describes the principles of creation and use of Custom coins by Users. Ability to integrate Minter network into a more global network Cosmos with the ability to exchange for any other cryptocurrency using atomic swap technology.

The principle of operation PCO is mentioned.

Developers team

It is proposed to get acquainted with brief data of 9 out of 20 developers.

The legal entities and teams that are involved in launching and promoting Minter blockchain are briefly described.

Road map

Some of the completed items are listed at the time of White Paper release and the targets for 2019 are announced. The information is outdated. You can find the current plan on page Road Map.

The integration with the TON blockchain and the launch of the MBank service are described in more detail.


An Early Access Campaign for Early Users was described, with 200,000,000 BIP distributed. 100,000,000 BIP was distributed as Airdrop and 100,000,000 BIP was credited to early partners in exchange for their investments in Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

Versions in other languages

The Russian version of the document is available at official website.

Early versions of White Paper

version 0.111 of 31 March 2018

Available in Russian at link.

The main difference is in the section "Proposal of tokens".

Distribution of tokens

Validators (for block generation): 50%

Users (airdrop for three years): 30%

Partners (closed sale): 4%

Partners (airdrop): 1%

Team: 15%.

The genesis block will include a pre-mining of 5% of the emission for the first validators and partners.

The remaining tokens will be received by the validators as a reward for the mining, as well as by users and the team:

Users - 5% every six months after launch

Team - 3% every six months after launch

Launch of the network was supposed to be from the maximum number of validators - 100 with a gradual decrease for 3 years to 17.

version 0.3 of September 01, 2018

White Paper version 0.3

version 0.4 of 24 September 2018

White Paper version 0.4

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