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ZEN is a Minter network validator launched on July 15, 2019, by the Minterscan team with support of the Minter network team and 1% validator team. ZEN is currently one of the TOP17 Minter network’s validators.

There’s a commission of 3% for all delegators and special bonuses for those who delegate the MSCAN coin.

The ZEN validator public key:



The ZEN validator is launched by the Minterscam team, led by its founder, Sergey Saliy, who is also the founder of the Minter Wiki.

The partner of the ZEN validator is Alexey Kanev, the founder of the 1% masternode.


The operation of the ZEN validator is maintained by several servers located in Europe.

The uninterrupted operation of the node is supported by a specific server; a group of sentry nodes ensures the operation of the entire validator infrastructure.

Minter Guard, the Open Source utility by the U-node validator, protects delegators from fines.


MSCAN is the coin by the ZEN validator team. It was created on June 16, 2019, and received its name after the Minterscan team name.

Ways the MSCAN coin can be used:

  • rewards in contests;
  • payment for the project infrastructure;
  • bonuses for those who find errors in Minterscan and related services;
  • payment for Mintescan services;
  • opportunity to influence the development of Minterscan (available only to those who delegate the MSCAN coin in large amounts)


The project of the ZEN validator team is explorer Minterscan. It provides users with the opportunity to receive the latest information on the state of the Minter blockchain. Using explorer Minterscan one can:

  • check the status of the network;
  • view blocks and transactions;
  • check any address;
  • use the coin calculator;
  • check the validator rating based on the voting by delegators;
  • check the total balance of the wallet, taking into account the delegated coins;
  • check the minimum stake of a validator, as well as the place of a particular wallet among its delegators.

The project received the support from Gordeev Evgeny and Lashin Daniil.


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