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Cryptosell.io is a service, with the help of which each user can sell any file (music, tutorial videos, texts, HTML templates, graphics), any link (e.g. invait to a closed group in Telegram) for cryptocurrency (BIP, BTC, ETH). No website or programming skills are required for this.


Cryptosell 1.png
  • Upload the file to the cloud of your choice (Yandex.Disk, Dropbox);
  • Fill in all the necessary data: name, description, payment method, specify the wallet, insert the previously created link.
  • Click on "Create" button. After that the received link can be published in social networks, trading platforms, etc.


  • Your file will only be accessed by the buyer after payment;
  • The service is well suited to designers, musicians, videographers, life coaches and all those who have a job expressed in the end as a file.